Saudi Arabia man accused of trying to strangle his daughter for ‘Dishonoring her family’

Saudi Arabia man accused of trying to strangle his daughter for ‘Dishonoring her family’ due in Newfoundland court

Rosie Gillingham , The Telegram

Khalaf Alshaek,Newfoundland
Khalaf Alshaek,Newfoundland

A Saudi Arabia man accused of trying to strangle his daughter for being with a man he disapproved of is scheduled to appear in provincial court in St. John’s this afternoon.

Khalaf Alshaek, 56, is charged with assault and two counts of uttering threats. However, sources tell The Telegram that the assault charge may be upgraded to assault causing bodily harm.He also reportedly threatened to kill the girl and her boyfriend.

He is in Canada on a student visa and is being held in custody until Monday.

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  • June Castro

    You are living in a country who does not tolerate this type of behavior.

    I am certain that the Koran does not advocate fathers killing their offspring.

    You are not welcome in my country.

  • Kathryn Dalenberg

    No one gives a shit about your family honor. Nothing your daughter can do in this continent would dishonor your family.
    Get over it, you fool!

  • Helga Ganguly

    Family honor.The concept is dishonorable.Only evil people feel the need to uphold their family honor. Good people love their family enough and believe in them enough so that nothing they do,like meeting with people they don’t approve of,can shame or dishonor them. Let me explain something to you about these crazy cases of honor killings. I am by no means an expert on muslims but I have live with a Hindu for 40 years.The Taliban crazies are un-educated fanatics know less about the Koran than I do.They are illiterate youth who grabbed power much like the Hitler youth took over-disenchanted,disenfranchised and stirred up by the Ayatollahs when the Shah was deposed. America gave the guns and money.
    America-friend to all-including Stalin and the Shah of Iran,Mussolini, and Castro. Just check.The U.S never met a dictator it didn’t like.
    Please become educated-about your country and about muslim countries.” Crazy Honor Killings” are committed by ” Crazy people without honor.”

  • ? Coreen Kerr

    If you want the privilege of living in Canada than act like a Canadian don’t bring your indecent rules with you & try to practice them here. If you are going to do that than stay put!!